Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rauner in press conf., socking it to the opposition

I support his policies and heard him do well among supporters during the early campaigning but did not know how good he is, arguing his points, handling qq, etc.

Sen. C. Radogno also quite good. A good team, here making case for lower real estate taxes and local control over same.

The guy is good -- and he tore into Madigan et al. as being good only for the "political class," making millions off high taxes (by lawyering breaks for taxpayers).

Later: More specific on this at Bloomberg Business, where Chi Trib's John McCormick free-lances about it:
Rauner’s remarks about Madigan’s income were a reference to Chicago Tribune stories in 2010. They examined overlaps between Madigan’s roles as speaker and state Democratic Party chairman and tax work done by his law firm, Madigan & Getzendanner.
High taxes calling for legislator-connected relief are made to order for making bucks for legislators, not to mention for encouraging nicely targeted campaign donations. A circle of mutual aid it is. 

Like city ordinances, pumped high enough to (a) require variance and/or (b) punish violators selectively

Tougher the law, more the power to officials. It's a rule.