Wednesday, June 10, 2015

State rep. suggests Chicago Public Schools should declare bankruptcy |

Amazing comment by Chi Teachers Union v.p. about financial problems:

But some union leaders say the Sandack bill [allowing bankruptcy as way out of fiscal crunch] is a backdoor attack on public worker contracts and pensions. Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey says he believes a federal bankruptcy judge would respect what the State Supreme Court has ruled on pensions.
Nothing amazing there, but consider this:

"Financial crisis is no reason to go back on what basically was a promise made to people who taught the last generation of school children," Sharkey said.
The fellow has a different understanding of financial crisis than most people, I'd say. You're running of money, but that's no reason to stop spending it? Come on.

To which we might add something nonsequitur-ish from Mayor Rahm, also opposing the bankruptcy option:
"We should not allow the finances to undermine all the educational progress our principals and teachers are making," Emanuel said. "Because what you don't want to do is put the system into a process that could actually distract away from the educational things."
By solving its insoluble money problems, he means, sounding like a teachers-union vice president.